Welcome to Kids and Parents

Horizon Roc is largely, recognized for its concern to offer programs well suited to youth and families.

Horizon Roc offers an adapted space for children of 3 years old and over and routes are adapted for youth climbers

Accredited parents can belay their non-accredited children for as little as $8 before taxes, harness included!

Our activities designed by physical educators are designed for different age groups. We offer Courses, children parties, youth progressing programs, a junior competition team and plenty of activities for youth and adults.

Program info
Youth 5-12 Youth 10-17

A facility well adapted to all

Horizon Roc offers an adapted space for children of 3 years old and over. The kid zone is an area that offers to children the opportunity to discover the exceptional potential of development offered by climbing Youth and toddlers have the opportunity to climb on surfaces thought out to suit their skills in a stimulating, welcoming and secure environment. The boulder top is also a specific children thought area used to play and initiate them to the basic boulder technique and principles in a controlled environment. This area  is accessible with staff supervision only for our activities such as birthday parties or other group activities.

Progressive and personalized programs

Initiating a child do climbing must be done in a progressive and adapted way. Taming heights, understand security issues, gaining awareness of their body in a vertical environment, while having fun is the main goal of our youth programs. A simple “Trial” allows parents and kids to discover the sport,. With the “Petits Lézards”and “Geckos’ courses and the recreational and competition team, we offer a range of activities which target different demands. Birthday parties, sport-studies program, competition team… Make your choice.

A privileged access to parents willing to initiate their children

Accredited parents can belay their non-accredited children (up to 12 years old) in designed areas, on walls up to 40 ft high (12m). (Maximum of two children per accredited parent) N.B. : Non-accredited children must always be supervised by their accredited adult and stay in the designed areas.

Your not a climber? No worries! take the autonomy course Découverte 1  to learn how to belay and come along with your kid…

The baby areas

Zones for babies that are designed to allow toddler parents to come with them and climb. However, someone must always be assigned to the toddler’s supervision and a “licence’ is required. The “baby parking” is an area where we can place baby seats or parks. A “parking licence” that proves that you have been informed of the usage rules is necessary.