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For several years now, the climbing center Horizon Roc has offered climbing day camps for young people aged between 7 and 17 years. Throughout the week, we offer participants lots of challenges, activities and outings. Young people will be personally guided through their learning in a fun atmosphere. They will be supervised by qualified instructors who will pass on their passion for climbing to everyone. Pleasure and surpassing yourself guaranteed!


7-10 years old

  •  Every week starting june 28th


10-15 years old

  • Every week starting june 28th 

Introduction to competition

10-17 years old

  • June 28 to july 2
  • July 12 to 15
  • July 19 to 23
  • August 2 to 6
  • August 16 to 20


10-17 years old

  • June 28 to july 2
  • July 5 to 9
  • July 19 to 23
  • August 9 to 13
  • August 16 to 20

Training Camp Competition team preparation

 dates to come

Camp Schedule:  Monday to Friday  9:15 am to 4:15 pm    Supervision provided:  From 8:30 am to 9:15 am and from 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm

Dates et horaires | Camps HR Relâche

No spring break camps available for 2021


7-9 ans Aucun Préalable

De 1 à 3 jours


10-15 ans Aucun Préalable

3 jours Possibilité de faire un camp de 5 jours en combinant avec Initiation à la compétition

Initiation à la compétition

10-17 ans Accréditation de moulinette requise

De 1 à 3 jours Possibilité de faire un camp de 5 jours en combinant avec Autonomie


16-17 ans Accréditation de moulinette requise

5 jours

Horaire des camps de la relâche : de 9h30 à 15h30 Aire d’attente (sans animation) : de 9h à 9h30 et de 15h30 à 17h

Summer camps description :

Initiation Camp (7-9 years old,  no prerequisites)

This camp is for children who have a potential interest for climbing, and who want to live one of the most atractive week. Ce camp s’adresse aux enfants ayant un intérêt pour l’escalade et désireux de vivre une semaine des plus actives. Whether it is to learn to climb or continue their training already begun in the programs Little Lizards and Geckos.

  • Rock climbling course every day Cours d’escalade tous les jours
  • Follow up personalized
  • Outside activities : swimming pool, Parc Jean- Drapeau beach. Sortie, piscine ou plage du Parc Jean-Drapeau
  • Diferent games in our hidden infractructures — zip line Jeux dans nos installations cachées… tyrolienne
  • Themed, small challenges…

 Autonomy Camp (10-15 ans, No prerequisites)

Camp with climbing courses in order to get the autonomy thanks to the accreditation which let you to climb without any supervision.

  • Follow up and and personalizzed evolution Suivi et évolution personnalisés
  • Day out,  swimming and other activities
  • Themed games,  Acro∞Parc with Zip line
  • Small competition Mini compétition
  • Accreditation for Youth Successful Assessment

Skill development Camp / introduction to competition (10-15 yrs, accreditation required)

This cap if for already accredited kids that would like to improve their skills experience training and discover the competition disciplines of climbing.  This is also a talent detection opportunity.

  • Skill and technique  development through workshops, games and exercices
  • Exploration of the three competition disciplines: boulder, lead and speed
  • Introduction to training for climbing on a personal basis
  • Out to the pool!
  • Mini competition

Training – Workout camp and pre selection for junior competition team 2018-2019 (from 10 years old, accreditation required)

This program is for kids who would have an intensive course, to prepare their season,  or who would like to access to the Horizon Roc junior competition team.

  • Training and Development Program
  • Workout
  • Clinics for advanced training: track, boulder and speed
  • Personalized evaluation, monitoring and evolution tests
  • Fitness in preparation for the climbing season
  • Outside practices in natural wall, swimming pool and other activities

More informations about the competition - More infos about the competition team

Apprentice animator camp ( from 15 years old, accreditation required)

  • FQME Patent
  • Training and accompaniment by a FQME trainer
  • Situations with real groups

T-Shirt provided for all camps Registrations  : contact us