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Fall session starts September 21st 2018

Horizon Roc youth programs aim to improve the abilities, physical development and knowledge needed  to attain a climbing oriented but also global sport development. Kids will learn through activities, challenges and games not exclusively using climbing structures but also a variety of tools. Horizon Roc programs respect the development phases  of Canadian Sport 4 Life  programs and kids will learn to have fun through sport and become the type of climbing participant they wish to be. Groups are divided on an age basis and a 8 level program permits to follow up individual progresión.

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Session programs

Iguanes (5 – 6 yrs) For the first time on a climbing program

10 week activity program for 5-6 years old kids that have never been on the Horizon Roc youth program. This program allows progression respecting their ability stage. Games and activities suited to their motor capacities will permit getting used to the equipment and the heights leading them to see climbing as fun. N.B. kids under 6 MUST take at least one session of Iguanes  before joining the regular youth groups.  1h30 per week   (10 week sessions) Schedule:  Saturday 9:00am, Sunday 9:00 am Spring  Session:  Begins april 8 2017


Les Petits Lézards (5 to 8 years old)

For 5 and 6 years old kids that have gone through the Iguanes program and for all 7 and 8. A progressive eight levels course  were learning and playing is combined. Development of motor general physical and climbing abilities will be the priority. This program also initiates the kids gradually, through action to the functions of safety equipment, climbing terminology, the basic principles of climbing, movement and the taming of the heights. A personal booklet allows evaluating the abilities of the young participants. 1h30 per week (10 week sessions) : Schedule: Saturday 9h and 11h, Sunday 9h and 11h, Wednesday 17h


Les Geckos  (9 to 13 years old)

A progressive eight levels course for 9 to 12 years old kids were learning and fun is combined. Development of climbing abilities and skills will be targeted through a multitude of activities including development of balance, flexibility and space awareness. Although it is not focused on short term autonomy, the youth will gradually, through action get introduced to the functions of safety equipment, climbing terminology and maneuvers. Autonomy will be obtained with the last levels as they will become complete climbers. A personal booklet of the “Gecko” allows evaluating the abilities of the young participants. Once autonomie obtained, they can join theHorizon Roc Team for development recreational or competition programs 2h per week (10 week sessions) Schedule: Saturday 9h and 11h, Sunday 9h and 11h, Wednesday 17h  


10 and over


Starting at 10 years old kids can also start through condensed authonomy/safety programs and then join the Horizon Roc Team for a session development program


Autonomy courses (how to belay)


Parents/children Découverte (minimum 10 years old)

A family activity where parents and children will learn together the basic security techniques and climbing maneuvers. This condensed security oriented course targets the necessary knowledge and practice needed to be able to pass de accreditation test for the adult and the kid. 2 sessions of 2h15


Découverte Jeunes I (10 to 15 yrs old)

An introduction course to security adapted to the youth. The objective: give them the autonomy to belay their partner on a tom rope system. This condensed course gives in two sessions the knowledge and supervised practice needed to pass the belay accreditation test. 2 sessions of 2h30 Next dates


Technique (how to climb)


Découverte jeune II (10 to 15 years old)

Climbing can be learned. Youth will explore the basic principles of vertical movement. With adapted exercises and walls specially settled for this course, They will discover the different aspects off climbing and gain technique to explore movement and meet new sensations, new feelings and new muscles! 1 session of 3h


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