Group training program Adults Climbing Club and ULTRA FiT


Climb club for adult : Wednesday 7:45 –  9:45 p.m.( Session of 10 weeks )
Start :  january 24th, 2018

Adults who want to participate in group-led climbing sessions for fun, to improve themselves for motivation, to train…

On the menu: technical advice and physical preparation by a specialized coach, workshops, circuits, challenges…

Prices :
Regular PRiViLÈGE
185$ plus taxes 175$ plus taxes


Ultra Fit: Mondays 08:30pm to 09:30 pm  ( Session of 10 weeks )
Start :  january 22nd, 2017


Train by group circuit to improve fitness and physical abilities by and for climbing. Sessions directed by Sébastien Leclerc, kinesiologist

Session prices:
Regular PRiViLÈGE Abonné +
165$ plus taxes 145$ plus taxes 120$ plus taxes

Personal training programs in private or semi-private are also available