Introduction Courses

These courses are for people of 16 years old and over. Information concerning the courses for the 8 to 15 years old can be found in the Youth section. A parent-child version of the initiation course is also available.

The Discovery Series, two courses for a good start

Horizon Roc grimpeur Start by learning the safe security techniques to then proceed with learning de basic movement. These two steps will allow you to start climbing safely while discovering the pleasure of movements and progression.

Take the Series and get more for less

Anyone signing up for these two courses series, will benefit from a preferential rate. In addition, when you follow the Decouverte course at Horizon Roc, the accreditation is free if done within two weeks, and the equipment will be offered freely during the session.

Take the TRIO Découverte and add up a monthly pass including equipment rental

Step 1: Découverte I (autonomy)

Security/autonomy. Learn security techniques relative to indoor rope climbing. This course gives all the elements required to pass the tope rope accreditation test needed to have access to an autonomous climbing practice.

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Step 2: Découverte II (mouvement)

Movement. A basic motion techniques course that helps understand and practice the climbing techniques, energy saving strategies for both roped climbing and boulder. This course also gives you information concerning the needed climbing equipment.

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