First visit

Benefit of the actual promo:  MONTHY PASS That lasts for 45 days,  Weekly pass,  Découverte Trio

Climbing top rope, lead, bouldering, Monkey sapace, parKour or Acro∞Parc?

Our impressive facilities include two climbing areas and a high ropes course (Acro ∞ Parc). Enjoy the heights! You can also find the Monkey Space for fun or for training plus a parkour course.

We offer PLENTY of SPACE!

In fact we can host events and welcome groups without closing the access to climbers.

 I want to climb at Horizon Roc! What do I need to do?

1- If you have little or no prior climbing experience :


For those who would like to explore the sensations of climbing without initially investing the time and effort needed to acquire the related technical skills you can come by for a one hour trial session  guided by one of our instructors. You climb, we take care of security. Starting at 24$ per person (5yrs &+)
A reservation is required
N.B. for insurance reasons, an accredited person can’t belay a non accredited person

The  Decouverte” Series, a great offer to start climbing

Put all the chances on your side to make sure to enjoy the sport. The Découverte introductory course Découverte 1 provides the knowledge and skills you require to practice in a safe way and pass our accreditation test. Beyond learning the rudiments of safe climbing the Decouverte 2 course will expose you to a number of principles that will help you derive greater enjoyment by learning movement principles, energy saving principles and different climbing practices. You will also be counselled on what to look for when buying your equipment.

The Découverte TRIO all in one to climb on

Add up to the Découverte Series a monthly pass including equipment rental and you have the perfect all included package to beggin.


Visit the heights of Horizon Roc in a different way. Our indoor high ropes course with a 25m zip line will give you à great chalenge… No experience required.  No booking required weekends from 13h to 16h


If you  do not want to climb in heights but still would like to climb alone or with friends, you could enjoy bouldering on  max 4m high walls, no rope. Horizon Roc offering all the different types of climbing not only bouldering, we need to make sure that you understand the rules, limits, safe circulation to enjoy the installations and make sure you do not put yourself or others in danger.   You will have to take the boulder Acces session. A welcome session were  you will get all the information you need about the center and the rules to respect. If you are 13 and less you can come with an accredited adult.

Monkey Space and parKour

A modular innovative and transformable installation called the Monkey Space and a parKour with a timer and three difficulty levels are now installed for all  climbers (included with the boulder access session )

2 - If you have prior climbing experience :

Client file and boulder Acces Session

At your first visit it is the time to open your client file and get the BOULDER acces session wich  is a welcome and information session about rules and security at Horizon Roc climbing center. Once done, you will have access to all our bouldering sections including the training area and the monkey space. It is not a course or a test and it will not give you access to climbing with a rope since we will not verify your ability pertaining to basic climbing security techniques  If you want to climb or belay with a rope you will need to pass the belaying test. If you already possess the skills required to safely belay and climb you are ready for the accreditation tests. There are two levels of accreditation tests (reservation required):

Accreditations: an introduction to the center and a verification of your technical skills

The Top Rope accreditation: 

Technical test required to climb autonomously at Horizon Roc.  We will verify your skills related to safe top rope belay techniques.  If it is your first accreditation, we also take this opportunity to welcome you,  introduce and familiarize you to the center facilities as well as the operations.

Lead climbing accreditation:

This is a required step prior to climbing and belaying on lead. This test is designated to those who already lead climb or have taken a lead climbing course. N.B. the top rope accreditation is a prerequisite for the lead climbing accreditation but it is possible to take both tests during the same visit to the center.

Important information :

  • Accreditation are not lessons
  • Reservations are required for either boulder, Top rope or lead climbing accreditation
  • Top rope and boulder accreditation are held every hour
  • Lead climbing accreditation are scheduled only once per day
  • N.B,. for insurance reasons, an accredited person can’t belay a non accredited person.

For all reservations (courses, trials, or accreditation) please call (514) 899-5000

3 – You don’t have a climbing partner

No problem, here are several options:

  • Boulder Parkour and Monkey space do not require a partner but you will easily create bounds with other climbers that naturally exchange data while climbing and having fun
  • Register in our partner list available for those who request the list
  • Join the Facebook Horizon Roc  group where people look for partners
  • Mention it to our staff, they will help you
  • Register to our courses, a good way to meet new people