Recre-Active and Team Building

A unique experience based on challenge and intensity, which leads individuals to push back their limits in a safe and controlled environment accessible to ALL!

Focus on individual experience or on common goals and objectives whereby success depends on a group effort.

Climbing is used in conjunction with other challenges such as: High rope course (Acro∞Parc), Zip line, ground level challenges, etc.

Team work Mission impossible”The Escape” New Theme  (2h or 3h)

the ultimate team building activity!

fun and cooperation through climbing and group challenges.

Here you are trapped inside the walls of the Horizon Roc fortress. Underground passages, solitary confinement, observation tower, 25 m zip line, are some of the challenges you will have to find the code of the only key that will give you your freedom! Logic, insight and team work will be necessary to accomplish this mission impossible.

Are you ready ?

Follow the activity with the roped high walls climb or the boulder climbing / parKour / Monkey Space / Speed wall

The combo Acro∞Parc / climb (3h)

In this option we offer an activity that combines top rope climbing with the Acro ∞ Park which consists of bridges and suspended passages 10 meters in the air. A zip line more than 25 m long completes the adventure.

Experience the excitement and personal challenge safely since our continuous life line eliminates handling and allows you to concentrate on each high ropes challenge.

Roped  Climbing (2h30)

Under the supervision of our experienced instructors, 2:30 of climbing requiring the use of equipment such as ropes and harnesses.

The activity begins with a warm up followed by some instructions about safety. It takes place on up to 12m  (40 ft) walls with a range of levels of difficulty that can satisfy both beginners and more experienced or fitted individuals

Boulder climbing plus Monkey Space and ParKour (2h30)

Under the supervision of our experienced instructors, 2:30 of climbing on our boulder walls. You will also have access to our parKour to test your speed and the Monkey space to practice different habilities.

Our instructors will propose challenges and provide support during the entire activity. At the end of the activity you will get the Horizon Roc Boulder accreditation to be allowed to come back on your own.

The “Combined open space” (3h)

Ideal for large groups, and multi-age gatherings.

We offer different activity stations animated by our professional staff:  roped climbing, buldering, speed climbing, Monkey Space Acro-Parc… Participants freely circulate to try the different activities as they wish.

  • Can include the Acro-Parc
  • Can include the reservation of a mezzanine space to have a buffet, give away prices, make a presentation or exchange gifts…

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Custom solutions

Are you seeking to address specific objectives? you have a special idéa you would like to realize? You would like to work with a consultant? Our 2600 square meters of climbing surface and high ropes course are certain to inspire creative ideas.  All is possible