Courses, Passes, and Gift Cards

Getting introduced to rock climbing also means discovering a new sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Why not do it as a group?

Climbing helps develop flexibility, strength, concentration while having fun with friends. Once autonomous, the participant can easily integrate this new sport in his life and therefore obtain the benefits of a more active life.

Our instructors will be happy to share their passion for climbing with you. They will guide you through the basic concepts in order to get you to a safe practice of the sport. We can offer you a program composed of one or several sessions to introduce you to this activity.

Introduction courses

Découverte 1 : Learn the basics of security to practice indoor climbing with all the needed guidance

Découverte 2 : Learn the basics of climbing movement and gesture to start off on the right foot.

Can be done in one or several sessions

Free or supervised climbing

Once autonomous, rock climbing can be used as a relaxing activity or to get in shape. Come at opening times or book a specific period for your group with or without an instructor to guide you.

Corporate Membership

Your are concerned about your employees health? Why not get a corporate annual Horizon Roc membership? Promote a healthy lifestyle and allow your employees to bond outside the workplace, creating complicity within your team.

Gift Cards

Give your employees an original gift that promotes active lifestyle. Horizon Roc gift certificates or gift card exchangeable for Horizon Roc courses, trials, daily passes or any other service.