Beyond climbing…

Choose Horizon Roc and live an unforgettable experience beyond just climbing…

More than climbing…

Horizon Roc offers more than a simple climbing activity!

Programs offered to corporate groups may be composed of a mixture of various activities near the ground and /or altitude. In addition to our walls adapted to all levels and the original 12m high indoor Acro ∞ Park, Horizon Roc has some hidden behind the walls facilities  exclusively open to groups to make sure to have you experience an original activity.

High tech meeting rooms are also available and you could choose to promote an active lifestyle for your employees or clients by offering them our corporate passes or gift packages…

Personal achievement and/or team building

Our programs consist of educational activities that provide opportunities to feat the individual skills and team spirit. They are equally suitable for those seeking thrills and to people who want to have fun while taming the heights.

Whether in the context of a purely recreational activity or to target a specific objective within your work team, we are able to offer an activity that fits the needs and abilities of the group.

Accessible to all regardless of fitness or skill level

Not need to be particularly athletic or physically fit to participate! Our activities can be adapted to the level of ability of participants. Cooperative events promote the inclusion of some assets by enabling people to excel or contribute to the team success.

Small or large group

We can accommodate more than 150 participants and we have the space and equipment to do it effectively. At the same time, some activities can be done with groups as little as 6.

Maximizing the active time for the participants is a priority for us,  we make sure you are always active … not waiting.

Safe and quality environment

The organisation of a climbing activity is not limited to technical supervision. For this reason our leaders, in addition to having the necessary technical skills, have specialized training in recreational activities.

Courses, annual passes, gift certificates…

All our courses are also offered for groups.

You want to encourage an active way of life? Give a reward?  Several options are available.

Contact us!