Corporate offer

Choose Horizon Roc for your working and friends group or sports team to:

Have a fun activity  - Challenge  - Stimulate  - Surprise  -Reward  - Keep in shape  - Create bonds  - Get out of the comfort zone

With our Acro-Parc, our impressive but accessible to all climbing walls, our original programs and our well trained staff not only on the technical aspect but also  as group leaders and  animators, we are confident you will find an option to suit your needs… Otherwise, we’ll create it!

Beyond climbing…

Climbing, Acro-Parc, challenges or meeting. We can fulfill the needs of small or large groups. Discover why make the Horizon Roc choice.

Recre-Active and Team Building

An original and efficient way to encourage
participation and cooperation in your work team
For pleasure or to attain specific objectives, make the choice of one of our activities or let us create one to suit your needs.

Courses, Passes, and Gift Cards

Getting introduced to rock climbing also means discovering a new sport and a healthy lifestyle. Why not do it as a group? Climbing helps develop flexibility, strength, concentration while having fun with friends. Once autonomous, the participant can easily integrate this new sport in his life and therefore obtain the benefits of a more active […]

Congress and Meeting Rooms

You want to have a meeting before or after your activity? We have access to two fully high tech multimedia equipped conference rooms with large tables and comfortable chairs. Rent the center for a convention You can rent one of the largest climbing centers in the world for congresses, conferences, training, meetings, etc.. An atmosphere […]