Unlimited access passes

Horizon Roc offers you the most affordable passes for the most complete experience!


our current  PROMO:



PRiViLEGE Regular

Weekly pass


includes rope, harness, shoes and belaying device

Monthly pass

85$ 95$

6 month pass

6 payments of 63.50$ 6 payments of 68$

The regular annual pass offers:

  • unlimited access to the center
  • The PRiViLEGE status with discounts and coupons with our comercial partners
  • The PRiViLEGE rate for our courses and services

Annual pass

PRiViLÈGE status included

- Adult: 12 payments of $ 52.75

- Youth: 12 payments of $ 48.75

- FAMILY 1 adult + 1 child (8-17 years): 12 payments of $ 75.75

2nd adult (18 +): $ 43.75

Additional child: $ 26.75

Call to learn about the different payment terms

Do not buy only an annual pass, become an Abonnement PLUS holder

Annual PLUS

Adult: 12 payments of $ 60.75

ABONNEMENT PLUS offers to its holders, PLUS:

  • free rental of the rope at each visit
  • the possibility of suspension of the pass for no reason up to 2 months once during the pass term or twice up to three weeks each time
  • 3 passes for trials for guests (with staff)
  • 3 passes for the Acro∞Parc fo you and or guests
  • additional privileges and discounts on some services, programs or events at Horizon Roc
  • discounts on physiotherapy services