PRiViLEGE card

You are interested?  Now, what about some discounts…

The PRiViLEGE card allows you to get 10 to 30% discount on all our products and services. By purchasing an annual PRiViLEGE card for as little as $ 30, you get preferential rates on all our prices:

  • admission;
  • equipment rental;
  • all courses (including the Découverte course if you take the PRiViLEGE card the same day!

Moreover, when buying your PRiViLEGE card you will  get several gift certificates available for each of our partners:


Julien Descheneaux


  • Evaluation 60 $  -  Treatment 30$, for careholder Privilege statement and annual members.
  • abonnés+  :  combo evaluation – treatment 60$
  • Take your appointment online 
  • Keep posted on our Facebook page to see the conference offered

La Cordée

Outdoor retailer

  • $ 15 discount applicable to the purchase of $ 100 available in the store

Attitude Montagne

Mountain guides and school

  • special fees (ask at the front desk)

Strøm Spa Nordique

  • 15% on the thermal experience, massages treatments and events
  • 10$ discount on gift cards

Sébastien Leclerc


  • 10$ discount on a personal fitness evaluation and program reserved with HR
  • 5$ discount on each follow up session at HR

You want an annual pass ? additional privileges with our partners? Discover L’abonnement+