Options: Admission / Passes

If you are not yet an autonomous climber or you are discovering Horizon Roc go to the section  First Visit

There are various options available to those who wish to climb at Horizon Roc.

PRiViLEGE card

For 30$ a year you gain the advantage of rebates on admission, lessons and equipment rental fees as well as savings when shopping at our partner retailers.

Gift Cards

Offer a prepaid card as a gift for the wished amount.  This card can be used to buy all Horizon Roc products and services.

Daily admission

The simplest although least economical method of accessing the center, particularly if you do not have the PRIVILEGE Card.

Multi entry Passes

Available for 12 entries, you save significantly over the normal admission rates. Furthermore entries are transferable thus allowing you to share a card with other climbers. Note however that a designated PRiViLEGE pass can only be shared between individuals holding a valid PRiViLEGE card.

Annual, 6 month or monthly pass 

Training Plan package

If you climb 3 times per month or more,  an annual pass with unlimited access is the way to go. Horizon Roc has the best rates for annual passes. The regular annual pass offers the best rate for unlimited accès but If you are looking for additional services like free rope rental, access to the training room or  plan taking vacations or taking a pause of climbing during the year,  The Abonnement + offers in addition to the unlimited access, many exclusive benefits and privileges such as the suspension of the pass with no reason. 

6 month and monthly passes are also available.

If you decide to switch from a monthly pass to a 6 month pass, we will credit you the cost.

We can credit up to 3 monthly passes if you switch to an annual pass.

Family and youth rates

We do have special reduced access fees for youth 13 years and under as well as for family annual passes.

End of the day rebate

Admission rates are reduced by half if you arrive to climb within the final two hours before closing.

Weekday admission

It is possible to climb weekdays from 9h30 am. Verify our schedule on our Face book page for any accessibility limitations due to groups.

Student rates

Students may benefit from reduced rates weekdays before 5pm as well as Fridays all day upon presenting a valid photo id.

Youth climber with parent belayer

Access is free for any accredited adult who arrives at the center exclusively to belay an unaccredited youth 12 years old or younger. Admission rates for the youth under these circumstances includes the use of a rental harness.  The limit is of two children per accredited adult engaged in belaying one kid at the time.

Note : any children wishing to access the climbing area must pay admission whether they wish to climb or not. The belaying parent can’t climb

N.B. for insurance reasons, an accredited person can’t belay a non accredited person over 12 years old.