Horizon Roc was founded in 1994 by Benoit Theroux and Maria Izquierdo.  At its opening, Horizon Roc became the largest climbing center in Canada and among the largest in the world. A vision of excellence, quality and innovation guided decisions and has always been the basis for the development of the company.

With a diverse clientele and unique programs, always following the highest standards of quality and safety, Horizon Roc has fast emerged as a leader and as a reference in the climbing world.

In 2003 Horizon Roc expands adding a new space even larger than the original area. The new walls can meet the demands of international competitions. Horizon Roc hosted the continental climbing championships in 2008, the Canadian Championships in 2012 and organizes provincial level competitions on a regular basis. Horizon Roc actually hosted the first Continental championship to be held in Canada in 20o8,  the Canadian championships in 2012 and hosts every year national provincial level competitions.

In 2009 a new activity is added to Horizon Roc offer with the Acro-Parc a high ropes course adapted to all levels to see HR heights otherwise.

2014-2015 Horizon Roc has major renovations and changes. New wall in the A gym, locker rooms are renovated along with other spaces. addition of the bistrot, new training room, slacKline and parKour sections and new corporate image but also a new dynamic in the route setting with complete boulder sections changing every week and concept routes for training and youth with new holds coming from all over the world.

2017 Acces Escalade Montreal is created and both organizations partner to offer new installations and services to climbers, athletes and affordable programs for kids and groups. Gym B is completely transformed with part of the GYM B ceiling being elevated 7m higher to be able to accommodate the only 15m official wall in North America. The Pan American Youth Championships 2017 are hosted in the venue.

Advanced climbers and beginners appreciate the variety that they find at Horizon Roc.

Horizon Roc has as mission to provide the best facility and quality activities for all level climbers while promoting a safe practice of the sport.

Our Staff

A qualified administration

The management of Horizon Roc is assumed by its two owners: Benoit Theroux and Maria Izquierdo. Physical education degree holders with extensive experience in the field for more than 20 years, they believe in providing quality training, in adapting activities to each category of customer and offering outstanding service to all in the most imposing climbing installations in the world. They are assisted in their work by a strong management team. composed of Mathilde Cambus (Direction assistant), Marie Fravallo (Coordinator), Julie Villeneuve (Customer Service),  Célia Golay (Supervisor), Laëtitia Clouzot (Communications), Antoine Dagorne (Technical Managment, Competition Team et de concentration sportive AEM), Renaud Masson (Technical and training) and Vasco Marcato (routesetting managment).

In addition to Horizon Roc management tasks, Maria Izquierdo has always been involved in the development of climbing at different levels. Currently she is involved and works hard to help competition climbing development and structures at the provincial, national and international levels. She has cumulated several key positions in the climbing organizations such as President of the competition commission of the Quebec Climbing Federation ( FQME ), President and co-founder of CEC (Climbing Escalade Canada) and is now President of the Pan American Council of the International Federation of Sport climbing ( IFSC ) and Assistant technical Delegate for climbing of FISU (International University Sports Federation )

supervision team available and attentive

Horizon Roc is led by a team that ensures quality in every area of ​​operations. Regardless of the time of day, you will always find a supervisor around to answer your specific questions and guarantee the quality of service offered.

Experienced instructors

Under the technical direction of Maria Izquierdo,  Horizon Roc instructors are selected for their technical skills, their educator abilities and their aptitude to communicate. They receive constant training to guarantee they always follow the standards and offer relevant and timely information and quality supervision.

Dynamic animators

As their title suggests, they are not technicians applying rules of supervision and security. Thorough animation training completes their profile to guarantee fun for participants of our recreational activities.

Smiling reception staff

Horizon Roc, gives a constant priority to customer service. Our reception personnel is there to welcome you and help you better understand our products and services.

Route setters in quantity… and quality

A team of about 15 route setters coordinated by Renaud Masson, regularly changing climbing routes and boulder problems is there to give you a constant renewal and a wide variety of styles.